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1 review for Luscious Lavender Whipped Body Butter

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    Bhavadharini A

    Fantastic product. Works wonders for my diabetic mother who has very rough feet.

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Net Qty : 100ml & 200ml

Our sumptuous and freshly whipped body butter rejuvenates skin from deep within, leaving it radiant and soft. Formulated with a luxurious blend of Raw Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil and Arrowroot Powder. Infused with Vitamin E, Lavender and Patchouli Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy Benefits: Calming and relaxing. Eases anxiety and reduces stress.

  • Suitable for dry to extremely dry skin and also rough areas such as heels/elbows/knees.
  • Softens skin and makes it supple
  • Moisturizes from deep within
  • Creates a protective barrier and stops moisture loss
  • Boosts collagen production and delays signs of aging

This nourishing blend of butters and oils soothes and softens skin and also reduces redness, blotchy patches, and acne scarring. Rich in antioxidants, Shea Butter and Mango Butter prevent free radical damage and contain anti-oxidants that slow down signs of aging. Sunflower and Safflower Oils contain anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce redness, protect against environmental pollutants, prevent acne and even out skin tone.

Our body butter can also be applied just before bed for an intensive overnight treatment to heal cracked heels and rough elbows/knees.

Note :  We do not recommended using body butter on the face as facial skin is very different from the rest of the body and requires lesser butters/oils. Being an anhydrous formulation, this body butter works to seal moisture present on the skin and is recommended to be used immediately after a shower when the skin is still moist.

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100ml, 200ml

How To Use

Step 1: For best results, use immediately after a shower. Pat dry skin with a towel.

Step 2: Dot your skin at regular intervals with pea sized amounts of body butter.

Step 3: Spread in smooth circular motions until fully absorbed.

Note: Our pure and natural body butter is rich and concentrated. A tiny amount goes a long way.

What's in this product?

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What makes us truly exceptional?

  • Handcrafted

  • 100% Natural Origin


  • No Synthetic Colours

  • No Synthetic Fragrances

  • Cruelty Free

  • Alcohol-free

  • GMO-free

  • Sustainable

Patch Test:

We are all unique and so is our skin. Even natural ingredients may not suit everyone alike and one may develop an allergic reaction in certain cases (similar to some developing peanut allergy or gluten intolerance).

Patch Test is advisable before adding a new product to your routine. Apply the product on your inner elbow and observe for the next 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, you can begin using the product. If the skin is sensitive, continue the test for 7 days.

This helps ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient. We recommend discontinuing the product and consulting a dermatologist in case of any signs of discomfort your body may indicate after using the product.

Additional Information:

  • Our body butters contain zero preservatives. It is advisable to store them away from moisture or any kind of water contamination.
  • Scoop out the butter only with dry hands/utensils. Secure the cap tightly after each use.
  • As our body butter is completely chemical-free and formulated with ONLY plant oils and butters, sometimes it might melt in extremely hot temperatures during transit. You may refrigerate them to regain the desired consistency. Texture changes in 100% natural products are completely normal under fluctuating temperatures (just like with coconut oil), but this doesn’t affect the product’s quality, performance or shelf-life in any way.
  • Use these butters within 9 months from date of handcrafting.
  • All-natural ingredients make our products completely safe and biodegradable, so that not even the tiniest bit of residue harms the soil.
Write to us if you have any questions, we will definitely contact you and find a solution
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